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Thursday, April 17, 2008

DarkUFO (Rumor) Might be true, but probably not

Big Kiss - Saywer and Claire?
Posted by DarkUFO

Just had this through from one of my contacts, although the information does not come directly from him but via a friend of his. If it had come through direct I would have posted this as a spoiler as this guy is very reliable but as it is 3rd hand it's being posted here in rumours. I'm trying to find out a bit more. So basically your guess is as good as mine as to how valid this is

.....the big kiss that everyone is talking about is between claire and sawyer and that kate sees them - its the reason she does not want to go back to the island.this is all from a friend andy so i dont know how true it is.....

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Vincent's Brother said...

If you look at the screencaps, Sawyer is playing Charlie's guitar. Maybe I am misinterpreting Claire's look at him - at first she seemed to be pissed. But maybe. just maybe...