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Friday, April 18, 2008

Mini-watchback - Thoughts Ji Yeon

Wow!! First scene of Ji Yeon we see something that seems to be a clue to the last scene in Meet Kevin Johnson. “Lapidus!!” You ready?......Don’t be late!” After that extended scene we never saw him again, and Sayid made a point of asking where the helicopter was. Someone asked if he knew anywhere else to land around here, so he had to be off to the island. Frank didn’t look too happy about it, either, when he was asked if he was ready.

So even if we are spoiler free (like I’m doing my best to be...even here), there’s a big clue as to who shot Danielle..

I don’t remember anyone saying anything about the book Regina was reading. It was a Jules Verne novel, Survivors of the Chancellor which is about the final voyage of a British sailing vessel, the Chancellor, told from the perspective of one of its passengers (in the form of a diary). They have to kill and eat each others to survive.


Sun had every right to slap Juliet. That was a terrible thing she did...and a wonderful thing at the same time.

Bernard was so clueless on the beach, but he was great during the fishing conversation...especially the Locke is a murderer/it was the right thing to do/karma part of the conversation. Locke made a bad choice...actually several (Boone, Naomi, trusting Ben, etc.) and karma will pay him back for it.

You know, after listening to the captain’s “speech” about flight 815, you can pretty much tell it wasn’t Widmore that financed the found wreckage of 815. Widmore was the one that sent the salvage vessel to get the black box.

So maybe it had to be Ben that staged it. And in that case, it would be Ben that came across 324 dead bodies. I read on a post somewhere someone speculating that maybe the “runway” Sawyer and Kate were working on was where the bodies were dug up. Not sure if it’s right or not, but that’s starting to look like good spec.

And if Bernard is right about karma and Locke, then what will karma do to Ben for putting 324 families through the grieving process? And why is Sayid now working as an assassin for someone who would do that?

I looked for clues throughout the show as to whether Jin is alive or dead, and I never saw any. About the closest I came to seeing one was where Jin said he would never leave her, but Sayid said he’d sell his soul before listening to Ben, and we all know he’s listening now. I’m in the alive camp, but it could go either way.

And that’s why we watch, right?

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