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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The DEATH Poll is DEAD!

Which Lostie(s) or Other(s) do you think will die by the end of Season 4? You may select more than 1.

Michael is the big (winner?) of the poll with a convincing 61% of the votes. Claire took a close second with 50% and Danielle (yeah, way to go out on a line with this one, guys!) came in third with 38%. Desmond and Rose were the only two to not receive a vote. Which means, once Darlton reads our Blog (and you know they do!), Des and Rose will have a tragic clothes line accident.

Which brings me to our next poll. (Paul and Rb get to work - we need another one once the Big Bad Poll closes Sunday!)

We have all debated in so many ways whether the events of Lost are coincidence, fate, or a carefully arranged and manipulated course of events by some uber-madman. Now is your chance to share your opinion. And as always, we love it when you expand on your thoughts in the comments sections here for the new poll. And please take note of the END DATE/TIME of the poll ;>}

Posted by: Edshrinker

NOTE: I see that the End Time/Date isn't really listed. It is April 24th, 9:59 PM

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