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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thoughts on Ji Yeon

I still don't get why Sun would want to return home when her Father is angry with Jin for trying to excape.

Its interesting that Sun's the first one in Jack's camp to even ask if the frighter people were here to rescue them.

I love Jin's comment about Sun being a better teacher then Sawyer. I also love how Misfit said that the Island had made it so that Jin could speak english.

Sun calling out for Jin reminded me of when Jack called out for his Father in the future.

While what Juliet did was uncalled for it was needed since Sun wasn't going to take no for an answer. I love Bernard how wise and cluess he is at the same time.

Frank going off to run an errand? Looks like he's transporting the thugs to capture Ben. Its interesting finally getting the widmore connection to the boat and the crash and the mystery if Widmore or Ben is responsible for it.

I feel that the talk at the end between Sun & Jin was actually what they needed. Sometimes you have to go through bad things in order to find redemption and you are stronger for it.

I love the reveal that it was double past & future flashes.

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