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Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Poll: In the Flashforward in Ji Yeon, where is Jin?

I figured that I would start this early in honor of Mr. Gothem_Knight since he loves these polls so much (not) and since we just watched Ji Yeon. Make sure to leave a comment about why you choose what you choose and why for discussion.


redfishbluefish said...

okay, i admit it, i am in the Jin is alive camp.

i think, even in a delirium, that if Jin was really and truly dead, Sun would not have called out his name. well, that is unless smokey-island-Jin was paying her some very special visits (ala Charlie visiting hurley) in the wee hours of the night.

i think they go about keeping up appearances to keep the lie a secret. somehow it protects those left behind.

the date on the grave is listed as the day of the crash, meaning 'the lie' does not include him as one of the 8 who survived the crash.

Paul Burrows said...

I to voted that Jin was still on the island and that Sun & Hurley were just keeping up apearances. But on the other hand refering to the Sun yelling out Jins name thing I remember that in last seasons finale Jack yelled out for his dead Father.

So maybe Jin is dead, but Im still leaning more toward him being alive on the island, but who knows maybe he and a few others found a different way to get off the island?

Paul Burrows said...

Oh and by the way Darlton said that the left over two of Jacks 8 survivors testamonydon't matter or that they aren't assigned to anyone.