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Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Piece of Matthew Fox

LOS ANGELES—It would be hard to find someone in Hollywood as grounded as Matthew Fox. However, you wouldn’t know that by watching him on Lost, where he plays the “messed up” Dr. Jack Shephard.

In a room at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, he says that while his character has had issues in past episodes, things will get worse before they get better in episodes that follow him into the future.

“Jack is a frickin’ mess in the future so that has not been pleasant to revisit,” he says. “It’s never fun to put yourself in a place where you are messed up and desperate. He has gotten to rock bottom but I understand why we are taking him there. There is a period when he gets back [from the island] where he has built a construct of denial that he can maintain. Then things start to intrude on that bubble and he can no longer maintain the lie that he was telling himself, and things start falling apart. There will be a turn in there where he begins to build toward redemption, so I think taking him to the pit of despair will make that more rewarding.”

Ironically, Fox, who came to Lost with a resume that included several years on another hit series, Party of Five, was never allowed to watch TV when he was growing up. His parents owned a ranch in Wyoming, and he says they made sure that he spent most of his time reading or working on the farm. He says that he is happy that he gets to live and work in Hawaii while making Lost because his two children have learned to value the outdoors and seldom watch himself or anyone else on TV.

“It is very important that they develop their own imaginations and use them,” he says. “That helped me a lot, and being in Hawaii is great because they spend a lot of time outside. My daughter is 10 and discovered surfing, and she has already found some big waves to ride.”

His seven-year-old son and his daughter will be able to watch his latest project, Speed Racer, which hits theatres May 9. He says he liked the character, Racer X, a flawed hero who tries to bring race-car sponsors to justice. And he says that although he is based on a cartoon figure, there are similarities to Jack Shephard.

“I don’t buy into the notion of pure heroes. I think that is sort of an antiquated idea. For me it is more exciting to play guys like X and Jack who are very human, like we all are, and flawed in many ways but in very difficult circumstances do very heroic things and find some redemption in that. I think that is very interesting and challenging and relatable to me.”

Source: Straight

Not much new information, but a little insight on how Matthew feels about his character of Dr. Jack and heroes in general. On a slow Saturday, why not?

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