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Saturday, April 19, 2008

RIP Cally Henderson Tyrol

Since it is a slow LOST news day. I'd thought I's take a moment to give a nod to one of Sci-Fi greatest hours, Battlestar Galactica. Lost fans are expert at mourning the loss of loved ones.


redfishbluefish said...

poor Cally. that Tori is some kinda bad ass. is she going to tell Tyrol or is she going to take the baby to Baltar?

Vincent's Brother said...

Fishy, I think she is going to let Galen think she spaced the baby when she spaced herself. This will come out later and cause a big rift between the 4 skinjobs. ESPECIALLY with Gaius handling his hybrid son.

I snapped a screenshot of Cally out in space, but I remember that cute face and it breaks my heart seeing her frozen dead - I had to delete it.

I'M really finding the other sub plot, "the war" the cylons are going through WILD!

redfishbluefish said...

it's been proven time and time again throughout history... more wars are fought based on religion than anything else. death in the name of their god. very interesting to see that plays amongst the cylons as well.

yes, i think you are right that Tyrol will not know the baby is still alive just yet.

how many episodes are they doing this final season of BSG?