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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


December, 2004 to Summer, 2005
The Oceanic Six leave the Island under unknown circumstances.

Prior to April 5th, 2007

"The Economist"

Ben leaves the Island under unknown circumstances.
Sayid begins working for Ben as an assassin.
Sayid shoots and kills Mr.Avellino on a golf course in the Seychelles.
Working under cover for Ben, Sayid becomes romantically involved with Elsa, in order to find her employer, "the economist".
Elsa shoots Sayid, revealing she was trying to uncover the identity of whom he was working for. Sayid kills her.
Ben tends to Sayid's wounds, happy that "they" now know he is coming for them.


Under unknown circumstances, Kate gains possession of Aaron.
After returning to America, Kate is put on trial for Wayne's murder. Jack testifies on her behalf.
Her mother, the prosecution's main witness, suddenly refuses to testify.
Kate agrees to probation and to staying in California for ten years instead of jail time.

"The Beginning of the End"

Hurley begins seeing visions of Charlie trying to tell him something.
After seeing Charlie in a convenience store, Hurley panics and flees in his Camaro, causing a high speed chase throughout LA, leading to his arrest.
Jack sees this turn of events on the news and is worried.
Hurley begs Detective Walton to recommit him to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.
Matthew Abaddon visits Hurley in the mental hospital. He asks him if "they" are "still alive."
Charlie appears in a fully corporeal form in the hospital grounds, visible to both Hurley and apparently at least one other patient, to tell Hurley that "they" need his help. Hurley is seemingly able to make Charlie disappear by telling himself that it's not real.
Jack visits Hurley in the mental hospital, to make sure he is doing fine, and also to make sure that he didn't reveal any of their secrets. Hurley admits that he thinks they should go back as "it" wants them to; Jack says they never will.


"Ji Yeon"

While packing a suitcase, Sun begins to go into labor and phones an ambulance.
In the hospital while the doctors tend to her, she repeatedly calls out for Jin.
Sun gives birth to her daughter, Ji Yeon Kwon.
Hurley visits Sun in Korea and together they go to Jin's grave.
The death date marked on Jin's gravestone is September 22, 2004; Oceanic 815's crash date.


"Through the Looking Glass"

Sarah conceives a baby.

Thursday, April 5th, 2007
"Through the Looking Glass"

The man in the newspaper clipping dies at 4:00 AM.

Saturday, April 7th, 2007
"Through the Looking Glass"

Prior to landing in Los Angeles, Jack is handed a newspaper which contains an article about someone's death dated April 5, 2007.

Sunday, April 8th, 2007
"Through the Looking Glass"

On his drive home, Jack pulls his vehicle over on a bridge at around 2am and gets out with the intention of committing suicide by jumping off the bridge. Before he jumps though there is a car crash behind him and he ends up saving Mrs. Arlen and her son from the flaming wreckage.
That same night, while being stitched up at a hospital, he is visited by a visibly pregnant Sarah.
Later that day, after sunrise, Jack is viewing the charts of Mrs. Arlen and is met by Dr. Hamill. Jack wants to operate on her but Dr. Hamill tells him that it will be taken care of in the morning and that he will call Jack with the results.
Jack attends the viewing for the man from the newspaper at the Hoffs-Drawlar Funeral Home, and is the only attendee. He tells the funeral director that he is neither friend nor family to the deceased.

Monday, April 9th, 2007
"Through the Looking Glass"

Jack tries to get a refill of oxycodone at a pharmacy and tries to convince the phamicist that the prescription was written by his father, Dr. Christian Shephard before walking away upset and knocking over a sunglass display.
Jack goes back to the hospital to steal some oxycodone and is confronted by Dr. Hamill. Dr. Hamill tells Jack that the mother revealed after surgery that she crashed because she saw someone about to jump from the bridge. He asks Jack if he's alright and if he's been drinking to which Jack replies that they should bring his father here to see who is more drunk before leaving the hospital.
At home that night, surrounded by maps, Jack makes a call and sets up a meeting with the person on the other end that night at the airport.
At the airport Jack meets with Kate and tries to convince her that it was a mistake for them to have ever left the Island and that they need to go back. During their meeting, Jack states that he has been using his golden pass from Oceanic to fly over the Pacific every weekend hoping it crashes.

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