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Thursday, April 3, 2008

We Missed a Lot in The Economist

I think we were so fixated on the time thing in 4.3 that we missed a few things. Here are my thoughts on The Economist.

The golf course scene is still amazing, even when we know what’s about to happen.

So why did Naomi have Des and Penny’s pic with here? If we think about it, we know now she’s been on Widmore’s boat and that Ben has told Locke the freighties work for Widmore. We have heard from the captain Widmore planted the wreckage at the bottom of the ocean. So can’t we assume that Des wrecking was Widmore’s doing...not fate, but choice? And if that’s true, then doesn’t Libby have to be in on this somehow?

I know others have said all this, but logically speaking looking at these facts and assumptions, I think this is proof.

I love the beacon.

I don’t know if anyone mentioned this before, but the passports we could make out were from Japan, Brazil and New Zealand. If Ben has passports to these places, it would seem the expanded BTriangle would need more expansion.

“I lost a dollar, you know”. In one of the next few episodes Locke pulled a dollar out and gave it to Ben.

Continuity, anyone?

Sayid said to Locke, “Allow me to do things my way or a war is coming we will both be powerless to stop”. When we last left Danielle she was lying face down with a bullet in her. No one (as far as we know) from the freighter had left to fire the shots. We speculated that it may have been the others that fired the shots, but maybe...just maybe...the freighter had a shadow. Either way, the war has begun.

Bear with me on this one. Let’s say both Ben and Widmore know/see/understand the future...even if it’s only bits and pieces of it. If you could see the future and knew your enemy could too, wouldn’t you suspect...well, everything. So you send a boat knowing your enemy probably knows about the boat. Might you not tail the boat in another boat...or maybe a submarine?

Sayid in the quote above did not say getting on the freighter would stop the war from coming/starting, he only suggested to Locke that letting him have Charlotte would get him to the boat. And being on the boat and knowing things going on there COULD possibly stop the war...even after it had begun. And the way it will probably end...the war, that Sayid will think with his heart instead of his gun.

So my summation of the last 3 paragraphs is the war has now started, but somehow Sayid will be able to end it. The ending of the war will not be the best outcome for the island. And Sayid will indeed sell his soul and go to work for Ben to right the wrong his heart caused.

One more thing. Elsa’s boss doesn’t like technology. Neither does Jacob. Could Widmore be coming to free Jacob? And would that mean Jacob is bad for the island? That Ben’s been the good guy doing bad things all along?

Now that’s how to stir the pot!!

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